this site is dedicated to my washing machine and to my cat.

  updated 2018 oktober 12


  4558 dual op amp audio amplifier circuit diagram
 A piezo element drives a 4558 ic in overdrive.

  hl2_compilemap batch file
  A ms-dos batch file that will compile a Half-Life 2 map.

  bash gpg encrytp decrypt
  Linux Bash script decrypt a gpg encrypted file without user interaction.

  audacity slackware64 14.1
  Audacity 2.0.6 Slackware64 14.1 problem workaround:  when your audacity compile comes up with black buttons blues remedy.

  dvdauthor pal dvd slackware linux
  Create a pal dvd with a menu using dvdauthor in Slackware Linux.

  astrology tool perl script
  It asks for 2 objects and their positions then gives aspect information.


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